Our community is facing what may be the most serious crisis since the Second World War. Fortunately in our village it is times like these that bring out the best in us. It has been heartwarming to see the reaction on the part of our residents, and to receive so many offers of help in supporting the most vulnerable during the Covid-19 outbreak. 

A new page has been added to this web site which will carry updated information for local residents as events unfold. For those of you who want to help, it also contains details of how to volunteer, and links to other relevant information. To access this page go to the navigation menu in green at the top left hand corner of your screen, and click on the first item.

Most of all, your Parish Council would urge community spirit and good neighbourliness during these difficult times. Unfortunately popping round to friends and neighbours is not to be encouraged, but imagine the value of a phone call, an internet video call, or a little carefully managed support from a concerned and caring neighbour who wants to make sure everything is OK.