‘Bardsey twinned with Kisdorf’ is the modern sign which greets travellers along the A58 between Leeds and Wetherby. This busy road now effectively separates Bardsey from East Rigton and causes difficulties for pedestrians and delivery men. The association is several centuries old between Bardsey, nestling in the valley of the Gill beck, and East Rigton up on the hill with village green and mounting steps. There are picturesque stone cottages near All Hallows’ church, interspersed by large modern detached houses. More modern developments are strung out along the lanes, and an attempt has been made to provide low cost housing. Many properties have spectacular views across farmland and woodland. To add to the delivery men’s difficulties there are five farms, two hills and one moor, all called Rigton!

Bardsey-cum-Rigton is a busy and lively community of about 3,000 people. Many commute to Leeds or Harrogate, but some still work on the farms and grow grain, rapeseed or root crops, or rear sheep and cattle. There are riding stables, caravan sites, plant nurseries and a nursing home. The primary school thrives with 202 pupils, and altogether there is a diverse community of young and old.

To mark the 40th Anniversary of the twinning of Kisdorf Germany with the village of Bardsey, our friends in Kisdorf have cordially invited anyone from Bardsey to visit them to celebrate this occasion.

The suggested programme is:-

Thursday 12th Sept 18.00hrs Welcome Reception
Friday 13th All day Trip to Hamburg Harbour
Saturday 14th All day Fest around Kisdorf
Sunday 15th Morning Church and barbecue in the afternoon

Contact Geoffrey Tatman on 01937 574236