LCC issued the Regulation 19 Decision Statement to BPC on the 6th November 2017. This Decision Statement formalises the ‘making’ of the Neighbourhood Plan. The document may be viewed by clicking on the link below:-

Reg 19 Decision Statement – Bardsey Neighbourhood Development Plan


Bardsey Parish Council and its Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group have great pleasure in announcing that the results of the Referendum held on 12th October 2017 on the Bardsey-cum-Rigton Neighbourhood Plan showed a resounding ‘Yes’ vote in favour of the Plan being used in the determination of planning applications in the Bardsey-cum-Rigton Neighbourhood Area.

794 votes were cast, with a total of 745 in favour and just 49 against i.e. a total of 93.82% voting ‘Yes’. It will be recalled that for a Neighbourhood Plan to receive formalisation a vote of over 50% was required. The 794 votes cast represent a significant turnout of 40.12%. This level of turnout compares favourably to an average of 32.9% of recent LCC Neighbourhood Plan Referendums. This average is derived from a minimum of 21.9% to a maximum of 48.66% and based on six polls.

Leeds City Council will now prepare a Decision Statement as stipulated by Regulation 19 ‘Decision on a plan proposal’ of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 which will detail the formal making of the Plan.

Due to a recent update to the Neighbourhood Planning Act it is important to note that as soon as a Plan has received approval by Referendum, it is considered made and part of the development plan for the area even if the Council has not yet made the plan.

Bardsey Parish Council would like to take this opportunity of thanking all Villagers who have contributed magnificently with their valued input into the arduous process of consultation over the years and to all those who voted on the 12th October.

To view the actual LCC ‘Declaration of Result of Poll’ notice please click on the link below.

Declaration of result – Bardsey cum Rigton


1st September 2017.

Further to the publication of the Decision Statement and Independent Examiners Report in the various locations as  notified below, Bardsey Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan have modified the Plan in accordance with the Independent Examiners Report and received sign off. Consequently the status of this modified Neighbourhood Plan is deemed acceptable for the purposes of Referendum which is to be held on Thursday 12th October 2017. The final version of the above Plan may be viewed by clicking on the following link:-

NP Final V3 – Aug 2017

The following suite of documents were posted on this page on the 29th August 2017. This suite covers the period between the Decision Statement and immediately following the Pre Submission Draft May 2016.


Decision Statement – in accordance with Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 – Part 5 Regulation 18.

The Document, see link below, has been produced by Leeds City Council. By clicking below full details are shown as to where hard copies of the Decision Statement have been deposited for reference and also included is a complete schedule of the necessary amendments being made by BPC Steering Group to the Plan as recommended by the Independent Examiner, prior to the taking place of the Referendum on 12th October 2017.


INDEPENDENT EXAMINATION – in accordance with para. 8(1) Schedule 4B of the Town Planning Act 1990.

The BPC Neighbourhood Plan, Consultation Statement and Basic Conditions Statement have been scrutinised and commented upon by the Independent Examiner, Mr N McGurk, who has been appointed by LCC following the selection process by BPC of a panel of Examiners. The Examiners Report may be viewed by clicking on the following link



Notice of the Bardsey cum Rigton Neighbourhood Development Plan Proposal

LCC have began the above publication process on Monday 19th December 2016 with an end date set of Monday 13th February 2017(5pm). The following are the full suite of documents which comprise the publication.

LCC Public notice

LCC Response Form

LCC web site text

BPC letter to LCC enclosing the Bardsey documents below

Bardsey Housing Needs Survey Report

Bardsey NP Basic Conditions Statement

Bardsey NP Consultation Statement

Neighbourhood Plan

Bardsey cum Rigton Neighbourhood Plan

Hard copies of the above documents are available to view at:-

Wetherby Town Hall
Bardsey Village Hall

Following the above Publication the Independant Examination of the NP documents will take place. As a result it is expected that the Village Referendum will take place during May 2017 (subsequently further delayed – see above). This date supercedes that shown below which was a forecasted date during the early stages of the Neighbourhood Planning process.

All the above posted to this web site on 21st Dec 16.


Following the issuing to the Villagers and other Statutory Consultees of the Pre-Submission Draft May 2016 i.e. Formal Consultation process, the Neighbourhood Plan was amended to take cognisance of the comments/responses offered by these two groups. Subsequent to amendment, the above documents were submitted by BPC to LCC for their consideration under para. 6 of Schedule 4B of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended) prior to LCC passing these on for Independent Examination.


The responses to the NP by Consultees/Villagers are as follows:-

NP Consultees/Villagers Response


All households in Bardsey, during early June 2016,will be in receipt of a hand delivered letter from Bardsey Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee formally advising of the Formal Consultation Stage i.e. the publication of the Pre Submission Draft May 2016. The letter is fully explanatory on the current status of the Plan development and how the document can be viewed and commented on by the Village. Without repeating the whole content of the letter the following salient dates are listed below for your convenience:-

Consultation period officially commences 17th June 2016.

Drop in Session for Villagers to discuss the Draft Plan Saturday 16th July 2016 10 am to 4pm at the Village Hall.

Consultation period closes 29th July 2016.

Please click on the links below for viewing of the above letter and the Pre Submission Draft May 2016:-

Pre Submission Draft – Formal Consultation Stage June 2016 – Letter of formal notification to all Bardsey households

Pre Submission Draft May 2016


The following links are to the supporting documents referred to and scheduled as Annexe documents on Page 44 of the Pre Submission Draft May 2016:-

Village Design Statement 2002

Conservation Area Appraisal & Management Plan 2009

Leeds Rights of Way Improvement Plan 2009-2017

Leeds Landscape Assessment 1994

Leeds Street Design Guide 2009

Housing Needs Survey 2013

Village Consultation Survey 2014

National Planning Policy Framework 2011

Leeds City Council Adopted Core Strategy 2014


Bardsey Parish Council applied some considerable time ago in 2015 to Leeds City Council to amend the Bardsey Neighbourhood Area so it aligns with the revised parish boundary which came into force on 1st April 2014.It should be noted that this change in boundary was not supported by Bardsey cum Rigton Parish Council. The City Council must publicise the application and seek comments from those who live, work or carry out business in the Bardsey Neighbourhood Area in compliance with Regulation 6 of The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012. The application from Bardsey Parish Council, along with a plan illustrating the proposed change to the boundary, the corresponding application and plan for the change to Scarcroft Neighbourhood Area, the formal notice and the response form are available at This information is also available on the Leeds City Council website at and paper copies are available to view at Bardsey Village Hall. Comments should be made on the response form, however if you prefer to set them out in an email or letter they will be accepted. Please email any comments to or send them to The Chief Planning Officer, City Development, The Leonardo Building, 2 Rossington Street, Leeds, LS2 8HD between 15th July 2016 – 26th August 2016 (by 5.00pm). If you have any questions about this consultation, please ring 0113 2478079 or 0113 2478084.

Revised Bardsey and Scarcroft boundary map
Neighbourhood area notice

Bardsey neighbourhood area

Scarcroft neighourhood area

Response form


The following commentary will be continually reviewed and amended during the production process of the Neighbourhood Plan until completion of the final stage of acceptance by Leeds City Council.

The Localism Bill was endorsed by Parliament on 15th November 2011. Its objectives are debatable but primarily the pertinent features are that it is a method of delegating the decision making on planning down to the lowest level so that the opportunity for the grassroots level can have a greater opportunity to make decisions on what developments takes place in their own neighbourhood

At the same time the Localism Bill has been making its way through Parliament, the Government has produced its draft National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). The NPPF has streamlined hundreds of pages of planning guidance into just 60-or-so with a ‘presumption in favour of sustainable development’ being a key aspect. There is a view that this aspect offers Developers a green light to build houses wherever they deem suitable.

A Community’s key tool in engaging and controlling prospective future development is to develop a Neighbourhood Plan (Plan) dedicated to only the area within the Community demise. A Plan is somewhat more than a document to help control and influence housing development, for example, it enables communities to specify which areas and buildings need to be preserved, it covers issues such as highways and transport infrastructure, flooding, schools, village halls and churches. However, development is a major part of it and, as we will see later, as far as Bardsey is concerned it is likely to be our main focus. It must be borne in mind that ‘no new development’ is not an option. Furthermore non production of a Plan renders a Community completely open to rife development without any effective cognisance of the Community’s concerns.

On a local level, estimates of future population levels for Leeds and its environs have been projected. These have been estimated at between 850,000 and 1million by the year 2028. To house this growing population, it is estimated that a further 70,000 new dwellings need to be built. Roll out of this 70,000 target is 3,660 homes per annum from 2012/13 to the end of 2016/17 followed by 4,700 per annum from 2017/18 to 2028. 500 homes per annum are expected from small and unidentified sites. Leeds City Council’s recently developed Core Strategy has identified that North Leeds needs to accommodate a proportion of this target of 70,000, to the tune of approximately 3900 (the figure of 5,000 identified in March 2012 has now been reduced). This latter level is then split amongst the Northern districts of Leeds and its villages such as Bardsey. The actual locations and extent of housing on each potential site is displayed on the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) map drawn up by LCC in parallel with the passing of the Bill. Perusal of this map reveals a maximum of approximately 1500 potential new homes to be built in Bardsey before 2028 compared to an existing total of homes in the Village of 1294. In the fullness of time, influencing factors such as sustainability, education, healthcare, transportation, infrastructure, commercialism and ecology may well reduce this potential of 1500 homes to a level more commensurate with Bardsey’s present size whilst still remaining faithful to the needs of a growing population. This is where local knowledge is essential in the development of a robust and sustainable Neighbourhood Plan.
It is essential that developments are phased to obviate a burden on the present infrastructure and that educational, health and transportation would be upgraded commensurate with the housing development stages . The infrastructure costs would be funded by the Developers in part or wholly by a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).

Thus Bardsey needs to develop its own Plan to ensure that local people have control of the future shape of the Village. In order to complete this important task the Parish Council intend to set up a Steering Group which will draw together the skills needed to cover the key issues and to deliver the Plan in a timely manner. It is believed generally that many of the skills necessary to engage in developing the Plan exist in communities such as Bardsey. It is regarded as most beneficial to engage appropriately qualified local resident volunteers who have both local knowledge and also a vested interest than to import expertise.

Whilst the Steering Group will lead on the production of the Plan, it is important that it reflects the needs and aspirations of the whole village. This means an involvement from community organisations, businesses and individuals such that their views can contribute to the final Plan. A Parish Plan and Design Statement were produced some 8 to 10 years ago which helped to guide many things within the Village, but the Neighbourhood Plan is much more powerful than these as it will have legal standing and will be the ‘blueprint’ for the future.


The Plan will be flexible enough to address different needs and expectations. It may have high level visions and objectives for the future. It could identify small projects for change or they could be included in a Masterplan. The Plan will include a comprehensive land use study pertaining to the SHLAA expectations and expected resulting changes to infrastructure to support development. It must be in ‘general conformity’ to LCC Local Development Framework Core Strategy (LDF).
The Plan needs to show that an engagement with, for example, residents, businesses, landowners and service providers located in the Neighbourhood has taken place to discuss all aspects of both short and long term changes. On many issues it is envisaged that there will be a two way dialogue for example with Transport providers.
Importantly the Plan will incorporate a comprehensive Sustainability Appraisal studying such issues as
• Nature conservation
• Landscape
• Air and climate
• Water
• Soil
• Human population
• Human health
• Material assets including transport waste and infrastructure


It is envisaged that the following expertise areas should be included in the structure of the Steering Group
• Town planning/architecture
• Highways/transport and related traffic skills
• Education – needs for Bardsey and surrounding areas
• Planning (housing)
• Environmental/conservation
• Legal
• Presentation skills for documentation
The Steering Group has now been established which comprises of a main Committee supported by several Steering Group Sub Groups. These Sub Groups are split across the diverse expertise areas and tasks.

Steering Group Terms of Reference


The composition of the Steering Group was set in March 2012 and has now commenced to undertake preliminary tasks. The structure of the group may be reinforced in due course as more detailed works ensues to develop detailed content of the Plan.


The Plan will be examined initially by LCC and then later by an Independent Assessor (funded and arranged by LCC) to ensure ‘conformity’ with the LDF and National Planning Policy Framework. Any modifications to the Plan suggested by the Independent Assessor will be incorporated (assuming they are acceptable) before the Plan becomes the subject of a Village Referendum.


It is envisaged that the residents of Bardsey will have the opportunity to have a say in the content and direction which the Neighbourhood Plan takes:-
i) By consultation with the Steering Group. All Residents are welcome to attend the regular Steering Group meetings.
ii) By completing the Questionnaire delivered to all residents with the May edition of the Bardsey News. doc
iii) By engaging with the successive stages of Consulatation in the Neighbourhood Planning process.

Questionnaire to ResidentsThe feedback from this Questionnaire will be assessed and all appropriate and viable suggestions and views will be embraced and the Plan influenced accordingly.Feedback from Questionnaire
iii) By engaging with the Steering Group at the public meeting on the 10th November 2012 at which site allocations and Questionnaire feedback can be discussed fully.
Invitation letter to Residents for meeting on 10th November 2012
Site notes for display at Public Meeting 10th November 2012
At the meeting on 10th November 2012 Residents were invited to complete the Comment Form.
Proforma of Comment Form used at Public Meeting 10th November 2012
Explanative notes on rear of Comment Form
Following collation of the data contained in the Comment Forms the data therefrom is published below and contained in the edition of the Bardsey News following collation.
Summary of Public Meeting site traffic light grading
iv) A Housing Needs Survey Questionnaire was sent to all Residents in May/June 2013 in order to establish the accommodation needs in the future.

A final version of the summary and conclusions may be viewed by clicking on the following:-. Housing Needs Survey Summary and Conclusions

The full Report on the Housing Needs Survey – July 2013 may be viewed by clicking on the following;- Full Report on the Housing Needs Survey

v) The Landowners/their Agents for sites 1027, 1106 and 3363 will present their proposals for their sites at the Steering Committee Meeting on 17th July 2013. A letterbox drop and a posting on this web site home page invites any interested Villagers to attend.
vi) By receiving a copy of the Plan at the Referendum stage. For the Plan to be accepted by LCC as a legal document, it will need to have in excess of 50% approval by the Bardsey residents.

A keystage was reached in late April 2014 by the Steering Committee when a suite of documents was delivered to every household in the Village. The purpose of the delivered documents was to invite all households to engage in a survey. This would enable the Steering Committee to gauge opinion on the embryonic information assembled and this would form the cornerstones of the draft NP being produced later in 2014.A copy of all documents may be viewed by clicking on the links below:-
Survey covering letter
New homes in Bardsey
Draft Vision Statement
Survey Questionnaire
Map of Greenbelt boundaries

The following links display the summary of the consultation survey returns from the village:- Village Consultation Survey returned May 2014
Summary of additional comments submitted by Villagers with Steering Groups assessment of each comment

Within the above Consultation, Villagers were invited to offer suggestions for sites within the Village which could be considered for development:-
Sites suggested by Villagers


The Steering Group are continually engaging and consulting with the Leeds City Council by email exchange and meetings with LCC Members and Localism Officer. Liason meetings take the form of what is referred to as Project Board 2 meetings. These meetings are regularly convened and attended by LCC Members and representatives from Bardsey Steering Group and all other Parish Councils surrounding Bardsey. The meetings are extremely informative and are designed to both announce LCC strategy and milestones together with inter parish council information exchange. The relevant aspects of the Project Board meetings and email exchanges are fed back at the Bardsey Steering Group meetings.


It will be appreciated that much work has taken place in ‘mobilisation’ to reach this stage of web site posting. Below is a programme of these early stage events together with an expected sequence and programme for deliverables:-

a) Pre Village Open Meeting

Localism Bill endorsed by Parliament – 15th November 2011
Meeting between Bardsey Parish Council and Leeds City Council Localism Officer- 13th October 2011
Meeting between Bardsey Parish Council and Ward Councillor – 12th January 2012
Parish Council Working Group Meeting – 21st February 2012
Parish Council Working Group Meeting – 28th February 2012
Parish Council Working Group Meeting – 6th March 2012
Open letter to Residents advising of the Village Open Meeting – delivered by hand February 2012
Village Open Meeting – 15th March 2012

b) Post Village Open Meeting

Setting up of Steering Group – March 2012
Steering Group’s consultations, study and preparation of the Plan – April to November 2012
Steering Group’s information handover discussions with Localism Officer 11th October 2012 to present Steering Groups preliminary traffic lighting of SHLAA sites with local notes and also individually completed LCC proforma Site Assessment Forms(see Further Reading for the former data). This preliminary information required for the LCC Harewood and Wetherby Ward Members together with Localism Officer to discuss Site Allocations work. See LCC timeline for delivery of site allocation in FURTHER READING

Public meeting 10th November 2012.
Submission to LCC of the Plan for Independent Assessing – to be confirmed – expected Autumn 2013.
Independent examination – date to be confirmed
Plan modification if necessary – date to be confirmed
Referendum on the Plan content by the Village –to be confirmed but anticipated Spring 2014 – to be confirmed.
Assuming a majority in favour of the Referendum, adoption of the Plan as a legal document by LCC – anticipated Summer 2014,to be confirmed.

A flyer was included in the January 2014 edition of the Bardsey News, which updated the stage at which the Steering Group had reached at the end of 2013. This may also be viewed by clicking on the following link:-
Status of Neighbourhood Plan progress at December 2013

A further update was included in the March 2014 edition of the Bardsey News, which summarises the stage at which the Steering Group have reached. This may be viewed by clicking on the following link:-

Bardsey Neighbourhood Plan Update March 2014

An invitation to Landowners in Bardsey was included in the November 2014 edition of the Bardsey News Neighbourhood Plan Update November 2014. This invitation was extended to those Landowners who may have recently considered offering any potential sites for the Steering Group to consider for development of manageable homes identified as being required to satisfy the Housing Needs Survey. For more information click on the following link:-

Bardsey News Neighbourhood Plan update November 2014

In May/June 2015 every dwelling within the Village was distributed with an Informal Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Pack. Please click on the links below for a copy of the information contained within the pack:-

Delivery Envelope
Introduction to the Informal NP Consultation

Neighbourhood Plan News

Bardsey NP prepared for First and Informal Consultation
Response Questionnaire

Questionnaire Returns Envelope

First Consultation Draft May 2015

Following the return of the Questionnaires the Steering Group have carried out a rigorous process of analysing the collected data and assessed it for agreement to the Draft Plan or amendment to this document. A complete summary of the data received together with the Steering Group’s analysis/comment/agreement/disagreement together with appropriate action and amendment can be found by clicking on the link below:-

First Draft – analysis action and amendments required

It is intended that the Pre-submission Draft NDP will contain a map indicating Cherished Views from, across and beyond the Village. The NDP will state that these Cherished Views are to be upheld throughout the term of the NDP. The schedule below is considered to be exhaustive but Villagers are invited during March 2016 to submit any Views that they may consider would justifiably augment those indicated below:-
Suggestions for Cherished Views


Meeting between Bardsey Parish Council and Leeds City Council Localism Officer – 13th October 2011.
Parish Council meeting Oct 2011
Meeting between Bardsey Parish Council and Ward Councillor – 12th January 2012

Notes of Steering Group meeting with LCC Planner 24th July 2014

Parish Council meeting Jan 2012

Parish Council Working Group Meeting – 21st February 2012
Meeting minutes[/URL
Parish Council Working Group Meeting – 28th February 2012
Meeting minutes

Steering Group
Steering Committee minutes-April 2012(1)

Steering Committee minutes-May 2012(1)

Steering Committee minutes-June 2012(1)

Steering Committee minutes-July 2012(1)

Steering Committee minutes-Aug 2012(1)

Steering Committee minutes-Sept 2012(1)

Steering Committee minutes-Oct 3rd 2012(1)

Steering Committee minutes-Oct 31st 2012

Steering Committee minutes-Nov 2012

Steering Committee minutes-Dec 2012

Steering Committee minutes-Jan 2013

Steering Committee minutes-Feb 2013

Steering Committee minutes-March 2013

Steering Committee minutes-April 2013

Steering Committee minutes-May 8th 2013

Steering Committee minutes-May 29th 2013

Steering Committee minutes-June 26th 2013

Steering Committee minutes-August 7th 2013

Steering Committee minutes-September 2013

Steering Committee minutes-October 2013

Steering Committee minutes-November 2013

Steering Committee minutes-December 2013

Steering Committee minutes-January 2014

Steering Committee minutes-February 2014 mins

Steering Committee minutes-March 2014

Steering Committee minutes-April 2014

Steering Committee minutes-June 4th 2014

Steering Committee minutes-June 18th 2014

Steering Committee minutes-July 2014

Steering Committee minutes-August 2014

Steering Committee-September 2014

Steering Committee-October 2014

Steering Committee-November 2014

Steering Committee-December 2014

Steering Committee-January 2015

Joint meeting between Steering Committee and Parish Council April 2015

Steering Committee-May 2015

Steering Committee-July 2015

Steering Committee-September 2015

Steering Committee-October 2015

Steering Committee-November 2015

Steering Committee-December 2015
Steering Committee-January 2016
Steering Committee-February 2016

Steering Committee-March 2016

Steering Committee-April 2016

Steering Committee-May 2016

Steering Committee-June 2016

Steering Committee-July 2016

Steering Committee-August 2016

Steering Committee-September 2016

Meeting with Ian Mackay July 2014

Project Board
Project Board meeting 4th July 2012

Project Board meeting 6th Sept 2012

Project Board meeting 5th Dec 2012

Project Board meeting 11 March 2013

Introduction to Neighbourhood Planning

SHLAA sites
This schedule does not include those sites which were registered latterly i.e. 3363/3429 and 3481. In early February 2013 the Steering Committee were advised of a further SHLAA site. This site is immediately adjacent and to the West of site 3363 and is referred to as Hampson House. Whilst late the Steering Group have been advised that the site is being considered on its receipt by LCC and will be included in the outcome of the early 2013 LCC deliberations.

On May 8th and July 17th 2013 Mr Nick Lane Fox of Bramham Estates together with two colleagues addressed the Steering Group and presented their proposals for development of SHLAA site 1106 i.e. from Bank Top to First Avenue. Details of the proposals may be viewed by clicking on the following links

Bardsey Detailed Site Analysis

Bardsey Landscape Assessment

Revised Bardsey Detailed Site Analysis

Revised Landscape Assesment

On 17th July 2013 Liz Wells of WYG presented to the Village their proposals for site 1027. These can be viewed by clicking on the following links
WYG Presentation for site 1027

WYG map for site 1027

Bardsey SHLAA sitesThis map does not show those sites which were registered latterly i.e. 3363, 3429 and 3481

Key diagram of development in Leeds and the environs

Leeds Core Strategy Development Plan Document-(DPD) Publication Draft Leeds Core Strategy

Letter to Residents

BPC letter to LCC confirming preparation of Plan

LCC notes of internal discussion Aug 2012

LCC timeline for delivery of site allocation – first issue

Site allocations timeline for delivery updated June 2013
Commentary on the above. On or near 19th April 2013 is the date when initial proposals are discussed by a panel of LCC Councillors. A Report will breakdown the proposals. These proposals will then go before the Executive Board followed by public consultation.

The following information is a précis of the outcome of the SHLAA deliberations by LCC Planners and Ward Members.
Site No Location LCC grading LCC reasons and comments
1027 Adjacent Hetchell View ‘RED’. See page 410
1106 Between Bank Top and First Ave’RED’. See page 412
1153 Site of RC Church ‘GREEN’ See page 412
3133 East of Woodacre Lane ‘RED’ See page 418
3134 Ditto ‘RED’ See page 419
Click on the following link for viewing the Leeds Site Allocations Plan – Issues and Options for the Plan – Draft April 2013 and a second link to view the Plans final version and all supporting information. These documents details the SHLAA outcome and the above page numbers may be viewed for reasons and comments against each site.Outcome of LCC SHLAA deliberations and Options for the Plan – Draft April 2013

For full LCC information visit
The following sites did not reach the LCC ‘traffic light’ grading process and were sieved out by an initial assessment. It should be noted that each site is referred to as ‘Not within the settlement hierarchy’.
The sieved sites are as follows:-
Site no Location Reason sieved out
78 Glenfield Caravan Park Not within settlement hierarchy
1028 Rear of Syke Lane ditto
1041 Land East of A58 Scarcroft ditto
1182 Woodlands Farm Scarcroft ditto
1329 Blackmoor Lane ditto
3126 North of Syke Lane ditto
3363 Mill Lane Bardsey ditto
3429 East of Blackmoor Lane ditto
3461 Tithe Barn Lane ditto
Pages 407 – 409 inclusive of the above LCC document schedules all ‘sieved out sites’
The criteria used in the ‘sieved sites’ process may be viewed on page 17 of Volume 1 of the LCC Plan viewed from the above LCC web site link.

Bardsey Steering Group have ascertained from LCC that the ‘sieved sites ‘are permitted to receive comment during the Consultation and also that these sieved sites could be considered for future development beyond 2028.

The LCC Consultation period on the above sites commences 3rd June and ends 29th July 2013. An LCC Consultation Response Form, which will enable Villagers to offer their comments on the above grading may be found on the LCC web site by using the above link and clicking on ‘MAKE A COMMENT ON THE PLAN ONLINE’. Completed Forms should be emailed to LCC.

Following the Consultation the final version of the Plan will be published by LCC in Autumn 2013.

The Parish Council have received a letter from LCC dated 2nd April 2014 in which the Council clearly state their planning principles with regards brownfield and greenbelt locations. The letter is very clear and reiterates the LCC and their Planning Department’s position on the utmost protection of greenbelt. The letter may be viewed by clicking on the following link:-

LCC planning policy resolution letter dated 2nd April 2014

LCC proforma for site assessment incorporating green belt review

Leeds University, have informed LCC in Oct 2015 that it has decided to withdraw the site from the LCC SHLAA process altogether and not after all bring it forward for development. This means that the climate of uncertainty is once again reinstated, with the possibility that the villages could now be targeted for volume housing development. For further information click on the link below:-
Bardsey News Nov 2015 edition NP update

LCC Statement 22 Sept 2015 on Headley Hall development