Bardsey Parish Council and its Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group have great pleasure in announcing that the results of the Referendum held on 12th October 2017 on the Bardsey-cum-Rigton Neighbourhood Plan showed a resounding ‘Yes’ vote in favour of the Plan being used in the determination of planning applications in the Bardsey-cum-Rigton Neighbourhood Area.

794 votes were cast, with a total of 745 in favour and just 49 against i.e. a total of 93.82% voting ‘Yes’. It will be recalled that for a Neighbourhood Plan to receive formalisation a vote of over 50% was required. The 794 votes cast represent a significant turnout of 40.12%. This level of turnout compares favourably to an average of 32.9% of recent LCC Neighbourhood Plan Referendums. This average is derived from a minimum of 21.9% to a maximum of 48.66%  and based on six polls.


Leeds City Council will now prepare a Decision Statement as stipulated by Regulation 19 ‘Decision on a plan proposal’ of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 which will detail the formal making of the Plan.

Due to a recent update to the Neighbourhood Planning Act it is important to note that as soon as a Plan has received approval by Referendum, it is considered made and part of the development plan for the area even if the Council has not yet made the plan.

Bardsey Parish Council would like to take this opportunity of thanking all Villagers who have contributed magnificently with their valued input into the arduous process of consultation over the years and to all those who voted on the 12th October.

To view the actual LCC ‘Declaration of Result of Poll’ notice please click on the link below.

Declaration of result – Bardsey cum Rigton