Neighbourhood Watch (NWS) are organised by the Police to allow local people to cooperate in defending themselves against crime. Typically, 10 to 20 households are linked by one of the residents serving as a co-ordinator who receives weekly police messages concerning crime incidents in the locality. The Police also provide crime prevention advice and equipment. Local co-operation not only helps to reduce crime, but also improves community spirit. For more information on NWS contact Councillor Norman Overfield on 01937 573607 or the police direct.

Emergency (Life or Death) dial 999

Unusual activities or observations at the time they occur may be reported to Killingbeck Police Station on 0113 2413639.

General non urgent matters may be discussed with West Yorkshire Police on Tel. 0845 6060606.

There have been several successful and attempted thefts of Satellite Navigation Systems in the area. The police offer the following advice.

“The best advice is to remove the system and the holder and clean the mark left on the windscreen, the presence of the holder (in this case the system had been removed by the owner) gives thieves the impression that the system may have been left in the vehicle’s glove box. Please ensure that all valuable property is post-code marked at least. Smartwater kits are being made available specifically for marking Satellite Navigation units. When these are delivered we will be marking and recording details at Chapeltown Police Station. Please contact this office for further information.”