Latest Covid 19 Developments

Following the introduction of a new national lockdown due to the rapid increase in Covid 19 infections, please note an update has been added to the Covid 19 page of this website. To access the page click on the Covid 19 – Latest tab at top left of the screen.

Due to the breadth, complexity and pace of change in current regulations, we have where possible provided links to key Government, NHS and Leeds City Council web sites. This offers the best route to ensure access to the most comprehensive, up to date and accurate information.

In particular, please see the section concerning new scams based on the launch of Covid 19 vaccines, and be warned of the considerable dangers these criminals present. It has been reported that some sound very plausable and even claim to be from the NHS. If approached by anyone claiming to offer vaccination for payment, either on the phone or at your door, never agree and never provide credit card or personal details. All NHS vaccinations are free of charge, and the NHS will never ask for payment or personal information in return for immediate vaccination.

BBC Seeks Participants for Exciting New Food Show!

It’s not often we can offer our residents the chance to become TV personalities! But that is the message we recently received from the BBC, which is casting Leeds families for a new food based TV show which will focus on eating well, saving money and wasting less.

So if You and Yours fancy working with well known presenters and celebrity chefs, not to mention appearing on prime time TV, All you have to do to enquire about getting involved is email and a member of the casting team will get back to you with some quick and easy questions and some more information.

In the meantime you can click on the following link to view the associated BBC Flyer:

Parish Reverse Advent Calendar Scheme

With the season of goodwill rapidly approaching, our vicar Angela Hannefin is asking for our help and support in assisting those in greatest need this Christmas, through the St Aiden’s Food Share Programme.

It’s very simple to participate – it’s just that unlike a conventional advent calendar, instead of opening a window and receiving a token gift each day you donate a small gift instead! Angela has even prepared a list of suggestions, one for each day in December up to Christamas Eve.

Our support is particularly needed this year given the hardship created by Covid 19, so why not sign up and bring a little Christmas cheer to someone in need. For full details click on the following link:

For more information about St Aiden’s Food Share you can visit their website by clicking on the following link:

Covid 19: Sources of Current Information

Developments since the relaxation of lockdown on 4th July have progressed apace, and, with new partial lockdown regulations now being reintroduced and extended, have become increasingly more frequent and more complex.

For this reason please note that Bardsey Parish Council is no longer attempting to post latest information on this web site, because it is difficult to ensure that such posts continue to represent the latest position in real time.

Residents seeking latest information and advice on Covid 19 related issues, both locally and nationally, are advised to visit the appropriate pages on the Government web site, the Leeds City Council web site, and the NHS web site using the links provided below:


Leeds City Council:


Parish Council Meetings

Please note that during the continuation of Covid 19 restrictions Bardsey cum Rigton Parish Council will hold virtual meetings using the Zoom platform.

Agendas and minutes for past meetings, and agendas for forthcoming meetings, may be viewed on the ‘Council Proceedings’ page of this web site – click on the link to the top left of the home page.

Residents who wish to raise issues with the Parish Council may do so in advance by email, addressed to the Clerk to the Council Mrs June Gallant:

Residents who wish to attend a virtual meeting and/or address the Residents Forum at the start of proceedings may do so by copying the link at the end of the agenda into their browsers when the meeting is due to start.

Bardsey Sports Club – Covid 19 Update

There have been a number of rumours circulating in the village over the last few days concerning reports of an outbreak of Covid 19 at Bardsey Sports Club. Bardsey Parish Council, together with the Sports Club Committee, would like to clarify the current situation as follows:

Following a cricket match at the Sports Club on Saturday 22nd August, a small number of those associated with the match have tested positive for Covid 19. None of these people have needed hospital treatment, and indeed two of them have showed no symptoms at all.

Test and trace procedures were activated as soon as the first positive results became known, and as a result several more people are now in voluntary self-isolation. The club house was closed temporarily for deep cleaning. Deep cleaning has been arranged for early next week, and the club house will be reopened as soon as it is safe to do so.

Due to the prompt implementation of appropriate measures, it is not believed that there is a wider threat to the community. Further updates will follow as soon as there is news to report.

Village News is Back!

Bardsey and East Keswick Parish has recently announced the relaunch of Village News in virtual form on their website. You may well have received notification in the form of a short typewritten note.

For those who have not yet ventured onto the web site, it is well worth the visit. The editorial team have done a super job on the design and presentation, and the new web format has allowed both full colour production and an extended publication.

If you have not seen the August issue yet it is well worth a visit – you won’t fail to be impressed! Click on the link below, scroll down to Village News and click on the cover page.

Bardsey Playground – Latest Update

The Government announced last week that outdoor facilities, including children’s play areas and adult gym equipment, would be allowed to reopen in England from 4th July 2020.

Such facilities still represent a relatively high risk of transmitting the Covid 19 virus if it is present, however, due to the unavoidable high level of communal tactile contact with surfaces. Because of this, measures have to be in place to mitigate the risk – notably the provision of clear and adequate signage. This in turn requires risk assessments to be conducted, and then suitable signage to be designed, printed and installed.

This process is well underway, but requires access to professional resources and expertise. Bardsey Parish Council takes the safety of its residents very seriously, and is taking its lead from Leeds City Council which is better resourced. Both parties are in uncharted waters, however, and neither is yet satisfied that it has met the stringent guidelines, only issued last week, which will allow its playgrounds to reopen.

Please note therefore that the Bardsey playground remains closed temporarily, until these issues can be resolved.

Bardsey Parish Council thanks its residents for their patience and understanding, and will be reopening the playground as soon as it is possible to do so safely.

Hedge Control

Bardsey Parish Council is receiving an increasing number of representations from residents concerning rapidly growing hedges overhanging pavements and footpaths in several locations in the village.

This becomes a safety hazard when people are forced in to the road to pass overgrown hedges, as is the case at the moment, but is a particularly serious risk to those with push chairs, those in wheelchairs, or those with impaired mobility or vision. It comes at a particularly difficult time for us all, when usage of the various footways is high and we have the additional requirement to socially distance when passing.

Residents with hedges fronting pavements and footpaths are therefore kindly requested to check urgently to see if they are encroaching into space intended for pedestrians, and if so, after checking for nesting birds, to trim them back clear of the footways.

With thanks, Bardsey Parish Council

Mission Allotment is go!

Parish Councillors have observed that two of the village’s allotments, situated off Woodacre Lane, are in a very neglected state and clearly not being cultivated. This is not good use of this valuable village asset, nor fair to those residents waiting to rent an allotment and keen to make best use of the land.

Responsibility for the management of the allotments currently rests with Leeds City Council, but LCC is willing to transfer that responsibility to Bardsey Parish Council, and the Parish Council is willing to take it on.

Bardsey Parish Council resolved at its virtual meeting held on 17th June to expedite the matter with LCC, and in the temporary absence of Village News (due to the Covid 19 pandemic) hereby gives notice that it intends to assume responsibility for the allotments as soon as practicable.