Rare and Exotic Asian Visitor Spied on Compton Lane!

Exciting news for those of us fond of our feathered friends comes with the authenticated sighting of a Rose Coloured Starling spotted on Compton Lane in the last 48 hours.

The stunning bird, a different specimen of which is illustrated below, has attracted many enthusiasts and been observed and photographed in a copse adjacent to open fields. All the way from Asia it is incredibly rare in the UK, with only 15 previous sightings!

The theory is that the bird in question, whose normal habitat is the Southern Caucuses, took advantage of a feeding frenzy on locusts in Armenia which provided it with the energy to continue all the way to Bardsey. And who could blame it? What better place for a peaceful and summer holiday in beautiful Yorkshire countryside!

Bardsey Playground

Please note that recent limited relaxation of some Covid 19 lock down restrictions does not apply to children’s’ playgrounds.

In accordance with updated Government and LCC guidelines, playgrounds have to remain closed at present due to the increased risk of infection via unavoidable contact with surfaces and play equipment, and the difficulty of maintaining social distancing in a playground environment.

Bardsey playground therefore remains closed until such time as these restrictions can be safely removed.

Urgent Update – Recycling Sites and Garden Waste Collections!

There has been more news from Leeds City Council concerning local waste and recycling services in the last 48 hours, and it is all good!

1) Recycling Site – Wetherby (Thorpe Arch). LCC has notified today that the recycling site at Thorpe Arch will reopen on Monday 18th May. It will be subject to the same rules as other sites, so will be accepting essential items only and you will need to pre-book your visit on-line, to allow safe social distancing. For full details click on the following link: https://www.leeds.gov.uk/residents/bins-and-recycling/recycling-sites?utm_medium=email&utm_source=govdelivery

2) Garden waste collections will recommence on Monday 25th May. Note, however, that the schedules will be changing, and your brown bin may in future be emptied on a different day of the week. LCC will be sending a letter to residents shortly with details of the new schedules. In the meantime more information is available by clicking on the following link: https://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/UKLEEDS/bulletins/28a56c9

3) Collections of bulky items are to resume from Monday 18th May. Note that, as previously, you will still need to contact Leeds City Council to arrange such collections on an ad hoc basis.

Happy Recycling!

Urgent: Availability of Tests for Covid 19

More good news! Following dramatic increases in the testing capacity for Covid 19, the Government has greatly widened eligibility for tests. Many more people are now eligible, and many more test centres are in operation, including facilities in Leeds.

So if you have symptoms, need a test to determine if you can safely carry on working, or are in a vulnerable group, please click on the following link to check your eligibility, and if appropriate book a test. Testing will be a key factor in allowing lockdown to be relaxed, so don’t delay – get tested today! https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-getting-tested

Leeds City Council Waste and Recycling Sites to Reopen

Good news! Leeds City Council waste and recycling sites are due to reopen next week, subject to Government advice on operational issues. Please note that to ensure a smooth and safe return to operations there will be rules in place to ensure social distancing, and to avoid long traffic queues on the approaches to the sites. You will need to book a slot, and to have proof of booking to be allowed in. For latest information please click on the following link: https://news.leeds.gov.uk/news/update-regarding-potential-reopening-of-leeds-household-waste-and-recycling-centres

Covid 19 Latest – Page Update

This is a quick reminder to keep checking the Covid 19 page on this web site for regular updates. Today there is a latest update on scams, an updated list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), but most importantly detailed NHS advice on serious health conditions other than Covid 19.

The NHS is appealing to patients with symptom of potentially serious medical conditions unrelated to Covid 19 to continue accessing NHS services without delay. The NHS as ever stands ready and able to help, in a secure environment isolated from the virus. For full details view the update and use the links provided. Delay could have serious consequences and even be life threatening, so please don’t!

Village News

Given the current coronavirus restrictions, it has unfortunately been necessary to suspend further issues of the Parish Magazine Village News, until restrictions are relaxed sufficiently to allow publication and deliveries to resume safely.

The editorial team apologise for any concern and confusion that may have arisen around the delivery of the April edition. The Government’s guidelines on social distancing came part way through its distribution, with the result that some were delivered whilst others were not.

Residents are encouraged to visit the village web site for local information in the meantime. We would ask regular web site users who know others who as yet might not be, to encourage them to visit the site at www.bardseyvillage.org.uk. If anyone wishes to contact the Parish Council, they can email us using the email address info@bardseyvillage.org.uk.

Beware the Covid 19 Scammers!

Please note the stark warning from West Yorkshire Trading Standards!

Fortunately a national emergency such as we now face brings out the best in most of us, as witnessed by the selfless contribution made by so many, both professionals and volunteers.

Unfortunately it also encourages the worst to come out in others.

A number of scams are operating in our locality, and we all need to take special care not to become victims of these despicable criminals. West Yorkshire Trading Standards has compiled a list of the most prevalent, so be warned!

For details please click on the following link: https://bardseyvillage.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Covid-19-virus-scams-alert.pdf

Annual Parish Meeting Postponed

Please note that due to the present social distancing rules, the Annual Parish Meeting, which was due to take place on Thursday 29th April, has had to be postponed until further notice. Please watch this web site for further information as and when available.

Parish Council Proceedings

Bardsey Parish Council would like to assure residents that it continues to function during the present Corona 19 restrictions. Of necessity there have been essential changes to the way in which proceedings are conducted, however, and residents are asked to note:

1) Meetings are being conducted, and decisions taken, using email and video conferencing. If you wish to contact the Council, for example to raise issues that you would normally have done personally in the Residents Forum preceding every meeting, or to report specific issues such as fly tipping, please do so by email to: info@bardseycouncil.org.uk.

2) To provide the opportunity for residents to make representations if desired, agendas will now be posted regularly on the web site in advance of these ‘virtual’ council meetings. The page headed ‘Council Minutes’ is now headed ‘Council Proceedings’, and will carry agendas as well as minutes. The next meeting will take place on 15th April 2020 and the agenda will be posted later today.

3) Government has of necessity relaxed certain of the legal provisions under which town and parish councils operate. These include extensions to the deadlines for publishing accounts and completing audits, because the social distancing restrictions make it impossible to meet the normal dates. The Council will as always adhere to legal requirements, but it is unlikely that financials for the 2019/20 financial year will be published before the Autumn of 2020.

Please watch this web site for further updates.