Bardsey Parish Council would like to assure residents that it continues to function during the present Corona 19 restrictions. Of necessity there have been essential changes to the way in which proceedings are conducted, however, and residents are asked to note:

1) Meetings are being conducted, and decisions taken, using email and video conferencing. If you wish to contact the Council, for example to raise issues that you would normally have done personally in the Residents Forum preceding every meeting, or to report specific issues such as fly tipping, please do so by email to:

2) To provide the opportunity for residents to make representations if desired, agendas will now be posted regularly on the web site in advance of these ‘virtual’ council meetings. The page headed ‘Council Minutes’ is now headed ‘Council Proceedings’, and will carry agendas as well as minutes. The next meeting will take place on 15th April 2020 and the agenda will be posted later today.

3) Government has of necessity relaxed certain of the legal provisions under which town and parish councils operate. These include extensions to the deadlines for publishing accounts and completing audits, because the social distancing restrictions make it impossible to meet the normal dates. The Council will as always adhere to legal requirements, but it is unlikely that financials for the 2019/20 financial year will be published before the Autumn of 2020.

Please watch this web site for further updates.