The Government announced last week that outdoor facilities, including children’s play areas and adult gym equipment, would be allowed to reopen in England from 4th July 2020.

Such facilities still represent a relatively high risk of transmitting the Covid 19 virus if it is present, however, due to the unavoidable high level of communal tactile contact with surfaces. Because of this, measures have to be in place to mitigate the risk – notably the provision of clear and adequate signage. This in turn requires risk assessments to be conducted, and then suitable signage to be designed, printed and installed.

This process is well underway, but requires access to professional resources and expertise. Bardsey Parish Council takes the safety of its residents very seriously, and is taking its lead from Leeds City Council which is better resourced. Both parties are in uncharted waters, however, and neither is yet satisfied that it has met the stringent guidelines, only issued last week, which will allow its playgrounds to reopen.

Please note therefore that the Bardsey playground remains closed temporarily, until these issues can be resolved.

Bardsey Parish Council thanks its residents for their patience and understanding, and will be reopening the playground as soon as it is possible to do so safely.