Bardsey Neighbourhood Plan—Update October 2015

In last month’s issue we were able to report with considerable relief that Leeds City Council had confirmed their intention to allow development of the strategic site at Headley Fields, and that the recently published Site Allocations Plan contained no changes in respect of Bardsey SHLAA sites.

This month it is with considerable dismay that we have to report that the landowner, Leeds University, subsequently informed LCC that it has decided to withdraw the site altogether and not after all bring it forward for development. This decision came as a bolt from the blue to all concerned.

The reason for this decision, and exactly what implications it has, is yet to be determined. We doubt even LCC are clear as yet. We do know that LCC continue to make representations to Leeds University in an attempt to resolve whatever issues have arisen, and to bring Headley Fields back into the process.

LCC Statement of 22nd Sept 2015 on Headley Hall development

Unfortunately it does mean that for now the climate of uncertainty is once again reinstated, with the possibility that the villages will after all be targeted for volume housing development. We will keep you informed.

In the meantime it is very important that LCC’s current public consultation on the Site Allocations Plan receives a conclusive response from residents. Both our LCC Ward Councillors and your Steering Committee are reviewing how best to inform everyone about the issues, the key points, and about how to take part. Unfortunately there is insufficient time or space within this report to include it all here.

Please therefore keep an eye on our web site (, and watch for a possible mail shot. The next two meetings of the Steering Committee will take place on Wednesday 21st October and Wednesday 18th November, at the Village Hall.