It has come to the Parish Council’s notice that a single page A5 sized leaflet entitled ‘Save Our Verges’ has been distributed recently in some parts of the Village. The leaflet invites residents with concerns about the use of privately owned land on the Congreves to register their concerns with the Parish Council.

This has led some residents to conclude mistakenly that the publication was issued by the Parish Council, that the Parish Council is itself involved in some form of campaign or survey, and even that public money (the Precept) has been spent for this purpose.

The Parish Council would like to make it quite clear to all residents that it had no part in the origination, production or distribution of this leaflet, is not conducting any kind of survey or campaign concerning verges, and has spent no precept monies to this end.

Use and development of privately owned land is governed by planning regulations administered and enforced by Leeds City Council, occasionally supplemented by legal covenants which, where applicable, are a matter of civil law and are not the prerogative of either the Parish Council or the City Council to enforce.