Amongst other measures to tackle crime in the area, our local police are working hard to establish a network of volunteer home owners in Bardsey with CCTV on their properties, to help them fight crime in the area. The objective is to help the Police identify perpetrators of crimes committed in the locality, vehicles used, modus opperandi of criminals etc. – a model which has already proved successful in other local communities.

Membership of the scheme will remain anonymous, and members’ identities will be known only to the Police. In the event that a crime is committed, members in the immediate vicinity will be asked by the Police to review their CCTV footage near the time, and share any information it reveals with the Police, in the hope that together with other intelligence it will help solve the crime and bring the criminals to justice.

Residents with cctv willing to join the scheme should contact PCSO Geoffrey Nottingham using email, the email address being