You may well have noticed that the roads, verges and green spaces around our village have achieved an outstanding level of cleanliness in recent weeks. It is becoming increasingly difficult to spot a single piece of litter anywhere. Not so much as a sweet paper!

The Parish Council usually organises litter picks at this time of year, but this year a new team of local volunteers led by Bev Humphreys has turbocharged the process and achieved outstanding results. Thanks to them most of the roads and verges had already been completely cleared, and the Parish Council has been able to concentrate on high traffic zones and off-highway locations for which there is not always enough time.

Special thanks are due to Bev and all her volunteers, and to litter-picking Councillors, for making Bardsey an even more pleasant environment in which to live.

Let’s all try to keep it that way by taking litter home and disposing of it in the bin where it belongs!